Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Hang Out Place

We seem to have become the hang out place after school. After all summer of only fleeting acknowledgments from our neighbors, some of the kids who go to school with Anders (a second year student who is in his same class room, and a third year) have been over to play almost every day this week. It's mostly because I'm not willing to let the boys hang out at other places yet until I've gotten to know their parents (which I'm hoping will happen as their kids hang out here--though none of them have been by yet). We've got a good yard to play in, and they've played inside a bit, too (even playing with Nils' train track that he hasn't touched in a while).

While sometimes I can let myself believe it's an inconvenience, that I want some time with my kids by myself. But I'd rather it was this way than not. The reality is that many parents don't care where there kids are or who they're hanging out with. Or they do care, but they're not able to do much about it because they have to work to put food on the table. So I know I'm lucky in being able to keep an eye on my kids while being able to "screen" their play time. I guess in being blessed with being able to be home with my kids all the time, I can take opportunities to extend that to the neighborhood--at least in getting to know the kids that my kids will hang out with better.

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