Monday, September 27, 2010

Art for Art's Sake

Anders had a field trip last Friday. They ended up not needing me along as a chaperon. So Nils and I took a field trip of our own to the Minneapolis Institute of the Arts. Once again, I must express my appreciation for free museums and attractions. We wouldn't be able to get out as much otherwise.
It's getting to be more enjoyable because Nils is able to enjoy a little time there. He loves taking pictures for one thing. He's also becoming quite the artist himself--something that used to be only Anders' thing. Now Nils is into drawing and painting--and it's fun to see him improving and enjoying it.

One of the fun things about the museum, too, is that you can explore different parts of the world and different parts of history. The boys love the knight armor and swords, the Egyptian mummy and the African masks.

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