Friday, September 10, 2010

Hands Full

Three days a week I watch my sister's kids. They're almost 2 and 3 months. So I've got four kids ages 6 and under (though my 6-year old is in school most of the day, so really just 3 kids under 4). Some days I'm happy if I just get meals made.

Of course, there's always housework to be done. And diapers to change. And mouths to feed. And kids who need some focused time with me. Plus somewhere in there I'd like to stay sane and find a little time for myself (even if it's writing a quick spot on here).

All the while, I'm thankful I have the opportunity. I get a little supplemental financial gift for watching the kids (which is much needed right now) and I get to know my niece and nephew better--even having the opportunity to shape them in small ways: working with my niece on the ABCs, 123s and spelling her name. And I get time with my kids, get to help mold them and I don't have to worry about what they're picking up at day care. Frankly, the consistency of being with them each day pays off.

The truth is, we all have our hands full--no matter how many (if any) kids we have. Life is full. We make choices what we fill it with--and how well we handle what we've got. While I may not get much accomplished on days I'm watching several kids, I can still make it an effective day simply by pouring our best into whatever task is at hand--even if it's playing with the kids.

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