Thursday, January 7, 2010


Anders, our 5-year old, had a dentist appointment today. It was to take care of the cavity they discovered a few weeks ago. It's kind of crushing for me to hear that. He does brush twice a day. And we have very little sugar around the house--seriously, we still have candy corn around from Halloween. Unless we've made some cookies, they tend not to eat too much (out of sight, out of mind).

Part of the issue is that his teeth re close together and I'm terrible at flossing. But I'm much better now. We've got some of that fluoride rinse, too. We used to get it in school when I was little. The school nurse would bring it into the classroom once a week. So we've stepped up our cavity prevention around the house. Just brushing and cutting down on sugar isn't enough.

At least it wasn't a traumatic experience for him. Even an hour later, he's still fairly giddy from the nitrous oxide. My wife said he was laughing at everything going on while he was with the dentist. And he's playing with the fake plastic teeth he picked as his "prize." Right now he's Shrek--or some other ogre--trying to kiss me with ugly purple teeth.

Here's to good dental health!

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