Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Big Losers & Responsibility

I heard today of a former contestant from The Biggest Loser who had gained back a lot of his weight. His wife was blaming the show for not doing enough follow-up. It's a bit ridiculous to me. After all, they do train you on the show how to eat more healthy, how to set up an exercise regimen and how to deal with some of the issues that lead up to obesity. Let's take some responsibility.

I guess this hit home because we've been dealing with this around our house. Anders has a huge tendency to blame others. Today he was even blaming Nils because Anders was taking so long on the toilet. Nils was distracting him. Let me repeat that: it was Nils' fault that Anders was taking so long on the toilet. Ownership of actions is not his strength. We've been working on changing that--but it's taking a while to change a whole thought pattern.

And I'm the one to blame. I'm taking ownership of it, too. I've been that child my whole life. I've had trouble taking ownership of my actions. A lot of it is rooted in insecurities. I don't like not being liked. So I deflect blame. I don't own up. I'm still working on that. I'm getting better, but there's some way to go. And hopefully, my son will join me in the journey.

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