Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Kid-Friendly Wraps

I'm all about cheap meals made with things we usually have around the house. We had these wraps for lunch today.


1 package tortillas (the smaller size ones are better--I end up cutting the full-size ones in half for my kids)
lunch meat
string cheese
other fillings: shredded carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes (or salsa or spaghetti sauce depending on how messy you want it to be), black olives, sprouts, etc. (the more veggies you can sneak in, the better, in my opinion)

Spread hummus lightly on a tortilla (you could use other things like mayo, of course, but hummus is healthier and adds a nice flavor, plus it holds things together).
Thinly layer veggies on the tortilla.
Wrap lunch meat around the string cheese (you won't need to use a lot of meat, since the humus has protein as well; I also cut the string cheese in half lengthwise).
Lay string cheese & meat on one end of tortilla, then roll it all up. Use a toothpick to keep it together if needed.

My 3-year old ate several bites and then started picking out what he preferred (but most of it was eaten); the 5-year old ate it all. Fill it with what they like, but don't hesitate to sneak in less-flavorful veggies to increase the nutrition in it. There are a lot of flavor options for hummus out there (even at Aldi, where I pick up mine). My kids probably wouldn't eat it on a cracker, but they didn't notice it in the wrap (actually, my 3-year old thought it was peanut butter). It's worth a try if your kids haven't had it before.

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