Sunday, January 24, 2010

Outings and Cars

Anders was at a friends' birthday party yesterday, so Nils and I went to the zoo. We were going to check out a Fire Station Museum, but I didn't check the hours on the library I was planning on getting passes from. It was closed. It wouldn't have mattered, because I discovered a few hours later that I didn't have my wallet which had my library card (as well as my driver's license--but we won't mention that). We only had a short time there, but we saw just about everything. It was a wet, rainy day, but there was still a lot of traffic there. Just because I think it's humorous, I'm including this next picture. You can maybe see the feet of a gorilla sleeping in the right side of the picture; on the left side is a giant plastic pickle for the gorillas to play with. Quite the life.

It's been a weekend of dropping Beth off at work in the morning so we can have the car. Anders didn't have school on Friday, so I took the boys to a play time under a dome in nearby Plymouth. They had a few large inflatables and other things to play with; we took a picnic lunch and were there for a few hours.

Yesterday, we needed to take Anders to the birthday party, so we needed the car for that. And today Beth was working, so we needed the car to get to church. I was thanking of taking the boys to the Rock the Cradle concert today, but I decided that with all the running the last two days that we needed to be home today (the dishes were piling up a little). Thankfully she hasn't worked terribly early on any of the mornings, so the boys haven't missed out on too much sleep.

We can't afford another car, but it would be nice a lot of the time. There's a bus line near us, but it isn't always convenient to go to the places we want to go. For now, we move our schedule around for taking Beth to and from work when we need a car. That's not very often. Sometimes I feel like I'm causing the boys to miss out on things, but I also need to remember that they're getting a lot of opportunities that they wouldn't get if we lived other places. So I'm grateful for the opportunities we are able to take.

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