Monday, January 25, 2010

Making Mac & Cheese Edible

Until recently, only my 3-year old would eat Macaroni & Cheese. My 5-year old ate it in Canada (where it's called Kraft Dinner), but he hasn't eaten it since we moved back here almost 2 years ago. I've tried making it a lot of different ways. I came up with a mixture using canned tomatoes that had a bruschetta taste to it, I've tried salsa in it--I just haven't made it with the traditional hot dogs because he doesn't eat those, either.

The way I've managed to get all of us to eat it (even I enjoy it--heck, I'll even eat the leftovers, which leftover Mac & Cheese is usually terrible) is to add corn and broccoli to the water when I put the noodles in. (Some grated carrot could work, as well. I'm also thinking pepperoni, but haven't tried that yet.) Tastes good, plus they get some veggies in their diet.

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