Monday, February 22, 2010

Children's Museum

After church was done yesterday (actually, a few hours later since we had a church meeting afterward that went long and then had to grab a bite to eat), the boys and I headed to the Children's Museum. It was the third Sunday of the month which Target sponsors so admission is free (which, of course, is why we went). The last time we went was shortly after we moved here when Beth's cousin & his family took us. Frankly, free admission to places is the only way we're able to go. And I'm grateful for those who make that possible.

The place was crazy, of course, with everyone else taking advantage of the free admission. But since we got there a little later than planned, it wasn't as bad. I honestly don't enjoy it as much as some of the other museums, but then, of course, it's not targeted to adults.

The boys did have fun. There was a new dinosaur exhibit (that's them looking for "fossils" in the excavation pit in the middle pictures), and a new exhibit on China (they're "plowing" a rice paddy in the first picture). With the crowd, we didn't get to do as much learning with the exhibits, but there's plenty of activities and things to play with--which is the biggest part in getting out on some days (especially in the winter).

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