Monday, February 1, 2010

One of These Things is Not Like the Others (It's Me)

Anders had his third swimming lesson today. He had it for a half hour after lunch. There are four other kids in the class. They all come with their moms. They all sit on the bench together and talk. But not to me. Even last week when two of the kids were gone, the mom who sat on the bench with me didn't exchange more than a couple of words. Today was a little better. We had a few minutes of conversation.

Admittedly, I'm not very outgoing. But I am generally quite friendly. Maybe the moms just need a few more weeks of this to get used to me. Maybe we'll be good friends by the end of the lessons. It seems if moms are together for an organized thing, they seem suspicious of dads there. But if I'm at the park with the boys and there's a mom there (not part of a play group), then we tend to be able to chat. Usually. Some of our good friends from the neighborhood are couples where I first met the wife at the park.

Maybe someday dads will no longer be second-class citizens (I say tongue-in-cheek--I guess now we have some idea of what women have gone through in the work place).

But as far as swimming lessons go, Anders is doing well. He was back-floating for a little by himself today. He's quite comfortable in the water. And I think he's ready to be able to do it by himself.

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